Fabric covered tins ~ Stationery / Cutlery holder

I love bandhini patterned fabrics. There were some scrap pieces of bandhini fabric from my moms sewing project which she was going to discard. But I didn't quite have the heart to throw them so I decided to use them to make these fabric covered tins. I used them as stationery holders but they can also be used to hold cutleries and many other things.

To make these fabric covered tins, I used...

  • A few used tin cans.
  • Scrap pieces of fabric.
  • Some ribbons.
  • Clear white glue. 
The making is very simple too. You have to...
  • lay the tin can on its side over the fabric and cut enough material to cover the circumference of the can. 
  • Apply a thin coat of white glue to the exterior of the tin can.
  • carefully wrap the material around the tin can with out and wrinkles or bubbles. 
  • Let the the glue dry.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon enough to fit the cans circumference and apply glue to the inside of the ribbon. 
  • Stick the ribbon around the tin can and let the glue dry. 

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Lovely!! the tie & dye fabric covered tins are so lovely :) I also have done the same covered tins organizer a couple years back.. it was fun! you can find my version in archives :)

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Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)