Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

Being someone who takes the "Commonplace Book" very seriously, I use a lot of notebooks. So, I make most of my notebooks myself  using extra pages from old notebooks or from A4 size ruled sheets I buy. 

Here's how I make these DIY Pocket notebooks. 

You will need, 

  • A4 sized sheets of paper - 15
  • A stapler
  • An eraser. 
  • Paper of your choice for the notebook cover. 
1. Take the sheets of paper and cut them into half across it horizontal axis. 

2. Cut the paper / card of the notebook cover with the same size as the papers we cut. 

3. Tightly fold the cut sheets and the cover into halves .

4. Stack all folded sheets and the cover together along the fold.

5. Align the stack and secure them with binder clips.

6. Flip the stack and place it with the cover facing up. Mark the 2 places where you want to to staple the note books (approx 2 cm from the top and bottom of the spine.)

7. Place an eraser below the notebook exactly where you want your 1st staple to go. 

8. Open the jaw of the stapler, staple onto the marked location on cover as if you were stapling something onto a notice board (shown below). Now, your staple would have gone through the cover and the pages to the eraser. 

9. Turn the notebook around, remove the eraser from the pin and fold in the stapler pin.

10. Repeat steps 7, 8 & 9 on the second staple location as well. 

11. Remove the binder clips, fold the notebook along its spine and place some weight on the book overnight so that notebook will stay closed. 

12. Write away! 

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Type Emojis on Windows 8!


Just like the rest of the world, I too love emojis! :D
But it was only recently that I found out I could type emojis on my windows 8 computer and so I wanted to share it with you. Here's how...

1. Right-click on your taskbar. Chose "Touch Keyboard" in "Toolbars".

2.  You will see a new Keyboard icon appear on the taskbar, Click on it.

3. Now, the on-screen touch keyboard opens. You will see an emoji key at the bottom, Click on it. 

4. And there you have it! Emojis on your windows 8 computer. 

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Tale of the tiny pencil

I hate wasting thing and I love my stationery! My favorite writing tools are pencils, not the mechanical ones but the old school wooden pencils. So, when my pencils become too small to write with, I don't throw them away but I just keep them.

When I realized I had quite a collection of tiny pencils with me, I decide to do something about it. I took the help of felt pen caps. 

All you have to do is to fix the felt pen cap behind the pencil and you have just given new life to your tiny old pencil! 

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Im back!

Hello everyone!

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting anything lately. I have been a little busy with work and I really hope to make things up by posting more often from now on! 

Im now on Instagram!
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To be yourself

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Matchbox Ring Organizer

Here's a simple ring organizer you can make with things that you most probably have lying around.

You will need:

  • A large Match box
  • A Piece of thermocol / foam  
  • Some Fabric
  • Rubber bands
  • Pins 
  • Glue
  • Craft knife 

To make this ring organizer...
  •  Cut a piece of thermocol / foam that would fit exactly into the matchbox.
  • Cut the fabric to approximately twice the dimensions of the matchbox. 
  • Mark ring slot on the thermocol as shown below. 
  • Using the craft knife, make slits on the thermocol along the lines made, with depth half that of the thermocol piece. 
  • Place the fabric on top of the thermocol piece and pin one ends of the fabric to the back of the thermocol. 

  • With the back of the knife push the fabric into the slits made starting from the pinned end of the thermocol. 

  • Now, remove the pins from the bottom, apply glue to sides and bottom of the thermocol and secure the fabric onto the thermocol with the rubber band. 
  • Apply some glue to the base of the matchbox and place the thermocol into it. 
  • Let the glue dry and the box is ready for use!

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DIY Rangoli Stencils

Here is a super easy way to make your own rangoli stencils! 

All you need is...
  • Styrofoam plate
  • A thick needle / nail  
  • A pencil 
Here is how you make it...
  • Draw the rangoli / kolam of your choice on the plate with a pencil. 
  • Poke hole along the lines of the rangoli / kolam with the needle of nail.
  • Remove any bit of Styrofoam sticking out on the back of the plate carefully. 
  • You rangoli stencil is ready! 

To make rangoli / kolam on the floor with this stencil, 
  • Place the stencil on the surface. 
  • Sprinkle rice flour / rangoli powder over the holes on the stencil.
  • Carefully lift the plate off the surface without shaking it.
Here is the result!

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