Your very own handwriting font (Its free!)

How would it be if we could type in our own handwriting?! If we could send a hand written emails? if we could use our own handwriting to write on our digital scrapbooks? 

I recently found the way to do exactly that and its absolutely free! 

You can have a font made out of your handwriting from the MyScriptFont website. 
Here is what you have to do, 

  1. Download the template given on the website. 
  2. Print the template on an A4 sized paper. 
  3. Fill in the characters required on the printed template with a black felt tipped pen. 
  4. After filling in, scan the template in portrait orientation and upload it to the MyScriptFont website. 
  5. Give a name to your font. 
  6. Chose the format for your font (TTF works for windows) and click 'send file' 
  7. Wait till the conversion is complete and the download the font file to your computer. 
  8. Go to 'control panel' in your computer and search for 'font' and open it.                                                   
  9. Copy the handwriting font you had downloaded and paste it into the 'fonts' folder.
  10. Once the above steps are complete, you can use your font just like how you would use any other fonts on your computer. 

Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)


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Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)