Kolam Painted Pebbles

This is a really simple project. But the outcome is simply beautiful. It is as simple as 'pick up a pebble and start painting!' 
You can draw any design you wish on the pebble. I chose to draw kolam designs on my pebbles. Kolam is a form painting from India. The are composed of geometric patterns and mathematical line drawings around a dot matrix. They were traditionally drawn on the ground in front of homes, with coarsely ground rice powder. (Picture below)

The history behind kolam is quite interesting. Its is not just a form of decorations but it is also meant to serve as food for the ants and birds that visit the house! Its is sign of welcoming all beings into one's home. It is a statement of harmonious co-existence. So, here's my tribute to the kolam :) 

*Kolam Painted Pebbles*

Materials Required:

  1. Pebbles
  2. Correction fluid pen

Wipe the surface of the pebble clean and draw designs of your choice on them. 

Here are a few kolam designs if you wish to try them too.


How lovely, I love the symmetry of kolams. Used to participate in lot of rangoli competitions at school. :)

Truly...symmetry and complexity yet the simplicity...its amazing!

Thanks for the comment WIDI :)

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