No Sew Bottle Cap Pin Cushion

This is a really quick and easy DIY project.

You need...
  1. A metal bottle cap. 
  2. 5"x5" piece of fabric.
  3. Stuffing/Filling.
  4. A rubber band. 
  5. Glue
  • Place the stuffing in the center of the fabric. Gather the ends of the fabric together to form a firmly stuffed ball. 
  • Wrap the rubber band the around the ball and seal the cushion. 
  • Stuff this cushion into the bottle cap and check if it fits snugly. If not fill the cushion with some more stuffing and try again. 
  • Apply glue to the base and sides of the bottle cap and push the cushion into the cap. 

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How cute, & you can hide the written Rooh-Afza by decoupaging the cap with paper strips.. too good!
I love your posts & now following you :) keep it up girl

thanks for your comments creative mind!
I'm happy that you like my post! do keep coming back :)

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Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)